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My First Blog: Meet Breanna Aponte

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Hey there! Welcome to my first EVER blog post.

This blog will feature the good, the bad and the ugly reminding us that being human is okay. And being human means we aren’t perfect. I'll be writing about healing, spirituality, relationships, sex, building confidence, going after your dreams, and all the key elements of being shameless and living a life that you can be proud of no matter whats going on around you.

I am 27 years old and I live in Washington DC with my fiance Dre Smith who will be my hubby as of May 2020. Together we own a social media and branding business called All About iT where we help creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals take their “it” to the next level. Your “it” is whatever you have to offer the world. Whether it’s your personality, services or products, we have mastered proper branding and free platforms like instagram to help everyday people create, launch and build successful business just like we have. We are the founders and creators of All About iT University which is an online educational platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn how to create, launch and grow successful brands and businesses on their own, in their own time.

Outside of being full time entrepreneurs, Dre and I have a couples brand where we share our journey of waiting for marriage. Yes y'all, we have never had sex together. We’ll talk about that a little later on this podcast but we have a Youtube Channel dedicated to helping people build healthy relationships as well as a couples instagram page where you can follow us as a couple. If you want to check it out go to our instagram page @worththeewait and click the link in bio to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

You can also say that I’m a social media influencer. I personally hate the term and what it has done to our generation but it’s something that brings Dre and I great opportunities and allows us to work with our favorite brands. Again, this is something we will chat about later on this podcast but I get paid to try and review products and create content for brands who align with my overall mission.

Now let’s talk about how I got here.

I was born and raised in Cleveland OH and grew up being a straight A student who was creative, outgoing and for sure a leader. I was popular but I definitely wasn’t a “mean girl”. I was friends with everybody and did my best to stay out of drama. I was the varsity cheerleading captain, head of honors society, senior class president, I was basically making my mama proud. I was voted brains and beauty in the yearbook which I was proud of because I definitely focused on my grades but I also tried to be a good person.

Outside of school, I volunteered on a regular basis, was in an early college program, worked a job and helped my mom with my brother and foster brothers and sisters. To say the least, I juggled a lot and that’s what normal life was for me. I was always challenging myself, doing more, being more and striving to be the best. My mom worked extremely hard to take care of me and my siblings on her own. My father disappeared from my life when I was 4 years old and by the time he thought to come around, I was in High school and honestly really confused and hurt as to why he left me in the first place. I pushed him away and decided I would focus on getting good grades and being the first person in my family to go to college.

I attended North Carolina A&T University as a freshman & cheerleader studying early childhood education. I’ve always loved children and learning was something that came easy to me so in return, I was great at teaching. I always thought from a very young age that I would be a teacher. Nothing else ever made sense.

Due to an injury and let’s be honest, a little bit of homesickness, I ended up transferring to Cleveland State University. I auditioned for the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers dance team and to my pleasant surprise, I actually made the team. I had tons of cheerleading experience but no formal dance training whatsoever. So making the team was a dream come true! I was in college pursuing my degree, had a dream job of dancing for the NBA, was a part-time teacher at the CSU Child Development Center and did bartending and waitressing on the side, because after the excitement of making the dance team wore off, I realized the pay was less than minimum wage, it was terrible. From the outside looking in, I was doin my thing! I had a nice apartment, nice car and all of this was at the age of 19.

It wasn’t long until everything started to fall apart. The Dance team was a terrible experience. They cut off my hair, made me tan my skin to look more of a “minority”, made me lose soooo much weight in an unhealthy way and in a short amount of time and never made me feel like I belonged. I started to feel exhausted by being on the team and was close to the point of quitting.

In the meantime, I had lost the passion that I once had to be a teacher. When I actually started to think about what I wanted my life to look like, being a teacher just didn’t make sense. I knew I wanted to impact the world and even though teachers definitely make an impact, I wanted to impact more than a handful of students, I wanted to impact the world. I wanted to stand up for the things that I think matter and feel confident about who I am as a woman, enough to lead others. I had this overwhelming feeling that I only went to college to make my family proud because it was what I was told to do from a very young age. Go to school, get a job, have a family. But I wanted more. I wanted freedom. Freedom to choose what my day looks like and how I spend my time. Financial freedom to travel, have nice things, give back and never be in debt. The freedom to do what I want, when I want and how I want. I was at a breaking point.

Juggling all my jobs, school and my emotions of feeling like I didn’t belong in any of the things I was apart of was becoming really hard. I was doing so much that some days I was pulling all nighters and the only sleep I go was in my car in the school parking lot. I had to let something go but I wasn’t sure of what yet.

I didn’t grow up in a religious family so I wasn’t taught to pray to God but I was in a space where I didn’t know what else to do. It was like I was outside of myself watching my life pass by with no clue of where I’d end up. At the same time, my ex boyfriend and close friend Walt was murdered the day after I had a life changing conversation with him. I was expressing to him all the stress I was dealing with and how unhappy I felt. His words didn’t mean much in the moment of the conversation but they hit my like a ton of bricks when I saw his body lying there lifeless the next day. He told me life is too short to do something that makes you unhappy. He tried to comfort me by saying that I could do anything I put my mind to and that I should never live my life trying to make others happy. In the moment, it sounded like something that anyone would say in that situation. But that next day changed my life. As I stood there in tears and disbelief, his words stuck with me hard.

He wasn’t the only person killed that day in the shooting at the barbershop so it was all over the news. Everyone and their mama was reaching out to me for condolences or the details of what had happened. It was a terrible time and I remember it like it was yesterday. I was truly depressed and lost. It was days later that I had the day that changed everything. I dropped out of college, quit the NBA and was determined to change my life. I was no longer going to live for other people or settle for something when I knew I wanted more.

That experience combined with the lack of passion I felt for being a school teacher is what lead me to being an entrepreneur. I was so sick of doing things just for the sake of it. I felt like my life didn’t serve a purpose and I wanted to change that. I asked myself, “what can you do to make this world a better place?”.

That same year, at 19 years old I registered my business as Shameless LLC. I combined my dance and teacher experience with my passion for helping women be shameless and started teaching a class I called “Shameless Ladies Heel 101”. The class was all about women of different shapes and sizes coming together to build confidence through movement. My goal for every class was to have the ladies love the woman they saw in the mirror while building a sisterhood in a safe shame-free space. And hunny, it was a hit! I knew I had something special but I also knew it would take hard work, dedication and patience to build it. I taught classes for free my first 3 months just get women in the door. Once things started picking up, I taught 3 classes a week at 3 different locations (west side, east side and downtown) and after a year of hustling and consistency, I saved up enough money to take it to the next level.

At the age of 20 I found investors and I opened my own warehouse called “shameless studios” which included an office, waiting room, large dance studio, private dance studio, photography studio and glam space. After 2 years of running the business I realized that owning a physical space was way too much work and liability. I had started a business to gain freedom not lose it. Running the studio was extremely difficult because of all the hats I had to wear and the cost of upkeep. I needed a way to reach more women with less stress and liability. So I started to expand shameless to other cities and came up with a way to keep the business functioning without a physical location.

I was touring major cities in the US hosting events and teaching my Shameless Ladies dance class. At the age of 24, I moved to Washington dc to expand shameless to the DMV area (for those who don't know what it is because I surely didn't before moving) thats where DC, Maryland and Virginia touch. During the process of moving I met Dre and well you see how that ended up (I’ll get into that a little later, we have a whole love story that I cannot wait to share with you) You can also watch our “How we meet” video on YouTube if your inpatient. My move wasn’t as easy as I anticipated which is what lead Dre and I to start the All About It business which eventually led to creating All About iT Academy.

Dre is a huge part of my story! I am such a hopeless romantic and ever since I was 12 I imaged this prince charming who would ride upon his horse and steal me away. By but the time I was an adult my hopes for that type of fairy tale love was pretty much out the window. All the men I dated ended up being jerks and I always felt so defeated and alone. After a really bad break up in 2016, I decided to vow to God that I would not have sex until he brings me my husband. I focused all my energy on my business, truly learning who I was and growing closer to God. I cut off all men and in a short couple of months, I started to feel worthy again and began to gain hope that something better for me was out there. Dre and I’s love story is so unbelievable that I know it was Gods doing.

Months before meeting Dre I created a list of the qualities, values and characteristics my husband would have and when I say Dre checked all the boxes, I am not joking. He honestly surpassed them.

I’ll definitely do a whole a whole episode on how we meet because the story is CRAZY.

But outside of all the business and relationship stuff I am a big hearted, fun and goofy dork who never knows the words to songs or knows the names of celebrities because Im what Dre would call “not hip”. I don’t like expensive things and don’t believe in buying stuff just because of the label, I’m super cheap and don’t think it takes a lot of money to look good. I love spending my free time with the people I love and try my best to block out the chaos of the world that doesn’t concern me. I love watching movies, having conversations, traveling and being productive. I don’t have favorites of anything, just depends on my mood but I am a lover of black and white, color gives me anxiety which you would know if you follow me on the gram.

I am mixed, my mother is white and my father is black, Hispanic and Indian. I have 1 younger brother named Brandon is who is 21 who lives with the rest of my family lives in Florida. I want 5-6 kids and plan on being that annoying soccer mom who shows up with lit up signs that say something super embarrassing and packing lunches with daily love notes. I am a sucker for love and just want people to be happy and fulfilled. Almost nothing embarrasses me, I’ve learned to laugh at myself and live life to the fullest!

I hope these super random facts help you gain an understanding of who I am and I hope that you continue to check out future posts! Follow me on IG @breannaaponte and feel free to DM with blog requests! Make sure to subscribe to recieved updates on new posts and more! breannaaponte.com