• Breanna Aponte

Dre & Bre (Our Love Story)

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

The year was 2016. I’m going to paint the picture by first telling you what was going on in my life and what was going on in Dre’s life before we were introduced.

I was running my Shameless business in Cleveland and was in an off and on again relationship with a man who I was with for a little over a year. At 1 point, I saw myself being with him long term. He had 3 children from a past marriage and I was willing to be a whole step mama. I loved his kids, it seemed like we were really serious but I kept seeing red flags of cheating, lying and just plain disrespect.

Meanwhile, Dre is in DC working as a property manager and casually dating. At this time he was interested in another woman who he had been on a few dates with. Nothing serious but he definitely saw potential in her. His cousin hit him up and invited him to a bar to meet this couple who he had met earlier in the day. The couple was my friends Jordynn & Will. Jordynn and I met freshman year of college at North Carolina A&T and Will had been her boyfriend since Sophomore year. They are originally from North Carolina and were living in DC temporarily.

I get a phone call from Jordynn saying that she thinks she met the one for me. She instantly tries to hook us up, telling him great things about me and telling me great things about him. I was saying how I have a boyfriend and I live all the way in Cleveland so there’s no way it workout.

Keep in mind, at this time we were both sexually active and waiting for marriage wasn’t even a thought.

A couple of weeks later, I ended up visiting Jordynn in DC. My boyfriend at the time was supposed to be coming with me but I found out that he was cheating on me right before the trip. I was so devastated. So I make the trip alone and as you could guess, Jordynn had arranged for me to meet Dre while I was there.

I was actually kind of excited to go on a date with a random person and just forget about what was going on back home. Dre was such a gentleman. I mean opening all my doors, very respectful, a great listener and he even played the piano for me on our first date. He took me to what’s now my favorite place to eat, Earls in Tysons Corner for dinner. I had the dynamite sushi roll for an appetizer, the salmon dinner for my entree and the toffee cake for dessert. It was so yummy!

I think we were both surprised at how much of a good time we were having. He honestly only took me out because Jordynn wouldn’t let up, he was still interested in someone else and just like I had said, we lived states apart, it wouldn’t work.

That next night, him, his cousin, me, Jordynn and Will all went out to this bar and this is where things got crazy. It was an open bar from 10-11 and we got there around 10:45. We all grabbed 6 rounds of drinks and within in 30 minutes we were pretty turned up. I remember crying a lot about my ex at the time and basically doing everything I could to mess up the potential of Dre taking me seriously. It was pretty bad. I was even willing to sleep with him just to make myself feel better about being cheated on. That night we fooled around and slept in the same bed, we hung out Sunday for a little bit and then I went back to Cleveland like nothing ever happened.

Obviously, because I was young and dumb and thought I was in love, I took my cheating ex-boyfriend back all for him to cheat on me again. Except this time it worst. I actually had someone show me pictures and videos of him with multiple young girls. I found out his “business trips” were actually trips to visit other women and I just felt so stupid.

I was at a point where I felt like it was something wrong with me. I couldn’t understand why he would do this to me, and why I wasn’t enough. Jordynn was actually the person who convinced me to grow closer to God. I wasn’t raised to believe in religion or raised in a church so I never knew what I was missing. At the time that I started my business, I said I would be more intentional with my relationship with God but life made that hard. I wasn’t prioritizing it because I was too worried about spending time with my boyfriend and being out on the scene.

I made a vow to commit myself to God. To change my ways and give up dating in order to do some self-love, self-evaluating and self-growth. I wanted to experience real love. Love like God speaks about. That love that’s so real it almost feels unreal. But I knew in order to get that, I had to get myself together.

I made a vow to God that I wouldn’t have sex until I was in a committed relationship with a ring on my finger. I wanted a man who would love me for me and be willing to wait for me.

Meanwhile, Dre is DC and he is no longer talking to anyone. Dre grew up in a church and his parents are ministers so he was very aware of what he should be doing if he really wanted to be in a relationship. Dre had only been in 1 relationship is whole life so he didn’t have much experience in the commitment part but he was far from a virgin. He was a football player at James Madison University, a predominantly white school and to say the least, he had fun. He had been with his share of women sexually but was at a point in his life where he wanted something more. He wanted what his parents had and knew he would need to make some changes. He made a vow to God to wait until marriage. He says that anytime in his life that he does things God’s way, things always turn out better than expected.

8 months passed without us speaking or knowing of the individual vows we made. I was moving to DC to expand Shameless in the DMV area and was traveling back and forth to find an apartment. On one of my trips, I texted Dre to forgive him for blocking him and explained that I was in a messy situation with my ex and just didn’t want to add on the mess. I told him that I was moving to DC and would like to have a friend here and also apologize over dinner. He accepted after some hesitation, probably cause he was getting a free meal haha, but one of his friends convinced him to go.

Dinner was good, we had some real convo and agreed to be friends. He was going to help me find an apartment, and thank God he did because I almost moved to the projects. I thought I found a great deal but it was because I was unfamiliar with the area. So shoutout to Dre haha.

Over the next couple of months, we became really good long-distance friends. We texted and face timed pretty much every day before I moved. We also went to a Christian conference with our friends Jordynn and Will for a weekend in DC. That weekend Dre reserved a fully furnished apartment for me to stay in and we spent pretty much the whole weekend together.

It was that weekend that we discovered we were waiting. By this point it was pretty clear that we liked each other but I knew I didn’t want to get in a relationship any time soon and he thought I wouldn’t want to pursue him anymore when I found out he was waiting until marriage. He told me he had something to tell me and I was a little nervous about what it was but I also knew I had something to tell him too. Before he could tell me, I blurted out that I made a vow not to have sex until engagement. To my surprise, he seemed happy about it haha. He then explains that he made a vow till marriage. So for me, I knew that if we continued to pursue a relationship, I would have to adjust to the full waiting until marriage. It didn’t bother me though, I was just shocked that someone as attractive and likable as him would be doing this. It seemed crazy at the time.

A couple weeks later, I made the move to DC and hunny he didn’t play any games. Soon as I pulled up with the U-Haul he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was honestly nervous to say yes because I didn’t want to rush getting into a relationship. But then I realized, we were already in a relationship, we just didn’t have a title.

It was almost 2 months later that we dropped the “L” bomb on each other. If you hear the story from him he’ll say I said it first but come on now, we know guys. He said it without saying it so that I would say it first and he could say it back.

At this point, I had made a decision to close Shameless Studios in Cleveland. It was just too much stress and liability especially trying to manage it from another state. I knew it would affect my income but I was ready for a change. I wanted to be happy and do things that I enjoyed, I no longer wanted to be a building manager which is basically what I had become in the 2 years of owning the Studio.

Dre knew what that meant for income and I was going to need some help making the transition. He gladly offered his place to me and told me I could stay there for 6 months while I get things back on track and figure out how to make enough income to get my own place.

Dre lived in a studio and den with 1 bathroom apartment in Tyson’s Corner. It was TIGHT. But beggars can’t be choosers, I was just happy I had a roof over my head and a supportive boyfriend who was helping through my transition. When a couple of months went by with more money going out than was coming in, he took over the payments for my cellphone, car, insurance and everyday needs and all of this was proof that he really did love me.

I’ve never had a man help me like he did. Not a father figure, ex-boyfriend, anyone. It was hard to get used to at first because I’m not used to being helped but he believed in me so much and just told me to focus on the business stuff and everything will work out.

Within the first 6 months of living with him I realized that in order to make Shameless better, I needed to rebrand. I needed to stop everything and re-launch in a way that I felt matched my long term goals and the things I really wanted to do. So in the meantime, I was struggling to figure out exactly what I should focus on. One of the issues with having multiple talents and skills is that it’s hard to focus on just 1.

Dre and I went on a long walk 1 night and he told me I should do brand and social media consulting. Now anyone who knows me, like really knows me, knows that I don’t actually like social media. I think it’s great for building brands and businesses but I never wanted to consult people about it. We decided I would just test it out and see what happens.

Now in the meantime, I did try to find a job on the side because I felt bad for having him help me so much. Every job I got fell through. Either because of my background check or it was just something I wasn’t willing to do or Dre didn’t want me to do like going back to bartending or being in the night life. I did get an awesome nanny position but was fired within 2 weeks after they found out I had a pending felony and DUI.

This time in my life really humbled me because at this point I had been a full time entrepreneur for almost 3 years and the last thing I wanted to do was work for someone else. So I got super determined to make the brand and social media consulting work.

I started off offering free consultations and doing insta-makeovers for $50. Now just to give you an idea of the amount of growth the business had in 2 years, that same $50 service is now $997. In 6 months, I had gotten so many people, great results that I was bringing in enough money for Dre to quit his job. It felt like a dream!

Dre is really good with strategy and technology and we wanted to be able to offer our clients with the full social media experience which includes content creation. Dre committed to learning the camera and together we help our clients capture their brand through photos for social media. I guess you can say we’re the dream team. Where those things are Dre’s strengths, I’m the exact opposite. I love talking to people, and I’m super creative and crafty. I can turn nothing into something if you just give me enough time!

Within those same 6 months we launched Worth Thee Wait which was our couples YouTube channel and Instagram. We started to share our journey of waiting with people and we have been blessed to inspire and equip black millennials on what real love and healthy relationships look like.

We decided to continue living with each other to save money and be able to work on the business and brand full time together.

On August 18th 2018, Dre proposed to me and it was the happiest day of my life. You can check out the surprise proposal video on YouTube channel or watch below. We knew we wanted a destination wedding but we also wanted to make sure we made it realistic for our closest friends and family to attend. So even though we knew it meant waiting longer until we could have sex, we set our wedding date for May of 2020.

I have always been a hopeless romantic, just waiting on my prince charming to come and swoop me off of my feet. Dre is everything I wanted and more in a best friend and life long partner and I just can’t believe I have him. I had faith in finding my prince charming but I honestly didn’t think it would happen so quickly. I was prepared to be single for a very long time. Shoot even freeze my eggs because I thought it just might have come to that. I’m thankful it didn’t but I say this to say, when you become okay with actually being alone, fully loving yourself and not needing someone, that means your time is coming soon.

Now back to the love story….

In just 2 years of being in business together we now have a successful channel and get paid from YouTube monthly. We have worked with celebrity clients and businesses in so many different industries. We have launched All About iT University, an online platform for creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals to build their brands and do their businesses full time allowing us to make money while we sleep. We have both become well paid social media influencers which was never a goal but definitely has its perks. We have been featured on the News and TV shows with couples like Megan Good & Devon Franklin. And more than anything, we are in control of our lives and our time. I get to work full time with my best friend and I am so thankful to Jordynn and God for bringing us together.

As we prepare ourselves for marriage, we are in pre-marriage counseling and we are so excited for this next chapter of our lives. We move into our new home March of 2020 and will be married May of 2020.

We are so excited to share our journey and story and hope that it inspires all you hopeless romantics out there to not give up on finding your prince charming!

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